If you're an entrepreneur, you're a visionary — and I'm right there with you.

You think ahead. You see possibility. You take risks. But sometimes, we get stuck in our own heads. I'll help you rediscover the creative vision behind your business mission and translate it into a brand identity that speaks for you. 

meet kristina bleiler, the human behind the screen

Bringing artsy expertise to the entrepreneurial space

 designer. strategist. Creative director.

I'm a bit of a nerd and I'm learning to embrace it.

Obsession with personality studies

I help brands embody a distinct persona. I’m an Enneagram Type 6w5, the Loyalist and Investigator combo — which means I can’t help but be comprehensively thorough with the details to make sure you feel confident in our brand decisions.

What informs my creative approach?

7 years of branding experience

I’ve seen how effective branding builds momentum and fosters connection. Before starting this business in 2022, I freelanced for local brands & agencies while working on a multi-faceted creative team at a non-profit for 5 years. I designed experiential brands for live events and refined my skills in writing, creative direction, and photography. 

bfa in visual communication design

My developing design skills were shaped by industry-experienced professors with tried and true knowledge of design principles and best practices. I enjoyed learning among peers and oddly loved having my work critiqued in order to constantly improve.

Think we'd be a good fit to work together?

"Perfectly captured my brand's message and visuals."


She listened to truly understand my business, my industry, and my brand goals. I was SO IMPRESSED by the amount of research she put in to this project and by the way she so perfectly captured my brand’s message and visuals. I am 120% thrilled with my new brand and website. 

"I could not have done it without our amazing Brand Designer, Kristina from Gem Creative Co. I could not recommend her highly enough. If you are an established brand looking to elevate or refresh your brand and bring it into it's 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 self, then Kristina is your girl... an incredibly talented Brand Designer."

"She comes with my highest recommendations."

Ellen Yin, Cubicle to ceo

"Elevated our brand to compete at a professional level."

H&L Design & Build

Just the right questions in just the right ways at just the right times extracted something I didn’t even know was there, but always hoped could be. A personal approach, consistent communication, and high attention to detail created a custom result that has elevated our brand to compete at a professional level."

"I couldn’t be happier. Kristina at Gem Creative was a delight. I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into all aspects of my branding. I felt listened to and felt my business model was completely understood. It was a great experience!”

"My business model was completely understood."

Mary Ellen Hill

"Two words: ADDED VALUE. Kristina IMMEDIATELY added value to my small business. I met with Kristina twice, and within minutes, I had exercises that honed me in on my branding, goals, and especially how to verbalize that to others."

"Kristina immediately added value to my small business."

Kerri Naber Consulting

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