Build a brand that's uniquely set apart and undeniably

Build a brand that's uniquely set apart and undeniably

... because your personality, energy, and authority as a business are way more interesting than a trendy Pinterest board.

Cool, because I want that for you too.

πŸ’Ž You want to feel in your element as a confident brand.

You're ready to invite your people into an on-brand customer journey that captures your unique energy, builds trust, and distinctly sets you apart.

πŸ’Ž You have high-level standards for serving your people. 

You care deeply about your customer experience and results. You have a unique way of doing things and you want new people to see that.

πŸ’Ž You're over spending valuable time on more DIY.

 πŸ’Ž You want to raise the perceived value of your business.

You notice a disconnect with your branding because you know it doesn't fully represent your value, authority, and the heart you put into all you do.

πŸ’Ž You want to speed up the trust-building process.

You wish you had eye-catching visual tools to maximize your marketing and show your people exactly what you're about at first impression.

You know it's time to get a specialist to fully commit to the professional branding process while you focus on what you'd rather be doing.

A branding experience crafted for service providers, educators, coaches, and any creative thinker with a personal brand.


When your branding reflects the intrinsic value you have to offer, you feel truly in your element representing your business. This process is made to amplify your strengths and position your brand differently in your industry.


Set apart.

In Your Element.

A deeper dive into

Finally, we maximize your brand's ecosystem.

Phase three

It all comes together in an on-brand landing page inviting people to buy into what you do. Plus, you'll get a social media template & checklist to streamline your profiles. The more your brand reflects you in your element, the easier it feels to represent the value you offer.

  • industry
  • audience
  • experiences
  • authority
  • positioning
  • origin story
  • purpose
  • beliefs
  • values
  • personality
  • goals

First, we discover your brand's distinct identity.

Phase one

We thoroughly explore all aspects of your business to uncover the most compelling qualities and differentiators. These discoveries are what shape your core identity and visual aesthetic so that your branding represents you at your best.

brand guide





Next, we develop your custom brand elements.


We custom-create your toolbox of brand elements that reflect the personality, energy, and experience you bring to the people you serve. Your brand messaging and design elements work together to build a cohesive and eye-catching customer journey.


"She helps you feel     authentically you!"


β€œShe asks all the right questions and helps you dig deep into your why, your vision, your ideal clientele. She thinks of the big vision, the total aesthetic that would truly appeal to the type of clients you want to attract...Her creative intuition is unmatched. Friendly, professional, and innovative.”

I loved our time working together! The process was so thorough and FUN! You helped pull everything out of my mind/body and were able to put it on paper visually and verbally so freaking well! You honestly saved me so much time and pain trying to figure it out on my own.

"Every time I use my branding within my business I’m like 😍"

Gabrielle Westbrook

"I couldn’t be happier. Kristina at Gem Creative was a delight. I was so impressed with the thoughtfulness that went into all aspects of my branding. I felt listened to and felt my business model was completely understood. It was a great experience!”

"My business model was completely understood."

Mary Ellen, Bespoke Designs

"I could not have done it without our amazing Brand Designer, Kristina from Gem Creative Co. I could not recommend her highly enough. If you are an established brand looking to elevate or refresh your brand and bring it into it's 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 self, then Kristina is your girl... an incredibly talented Brand Designer."

"She comes with my highest recommendations."

Ellen Yin, Cubicle to ceo

"Perfectly captured my brand's message and visuals."


She listened to truly understand my business, my industry, and my brand goals. I was SO IMPRESSED by the amount of research she put in to this project and by the way she so perfectly captured my brand’s message and visuals. I am 120% thrilled with my new brand and website. 

"Elevated our brand to compete at a professional level."

H&L Design & Build

Just the right questions in just the right ways at just the right times extracted something I didn’t even know was there, but always hoped could be. A personal approach, consistent communication, and high attention to detail created a custom result that has elevated our brand to compete at a professional level."

Brand Strategist & Designer

Since my own rebrand, I've felt so in my element  as an entrepreneur.

Last year, I took Gem Creative Co. through the in-depth branding process and the benefits just keep compounding. Discovering my distinct position in my industry, my unique approach to what I do, and my signature aesthetic has me feeling in my brand element and deeply connected to the people I serve.

And the best part? It's sustainable longterm. With this process, you'll no longer feel the need to reinvent the wheel because the brand you're building is a natural expression of how you serve people. It makes marketing yourself easier as you show up more excited to do what you do best.

πŸ’Ž mini website / LANDING PAGE
πŸ’Ž  custom brand elements
πŸ’Ž  industry/Competitor research
πŸ’Ž  messaging & positioning
πŸ’Ž  Social media profile guidance
πŸ’Ž  branded Canva template
πŸ’Ž  40+ page Brand Guide

While waiting for applications to reopen, join the waitlist to get first dips on your ideal start date in Summer 2024! An extended payment plan option may be available upon request. 

expectations for


We'll encourage your customers to take their next step with a cohesive, informative landing page (such as your homepage or a sales page). Up to eight sections of content and on-brand visuals will be intentionally designed to maintain people's attention and guide their decision-making process.

This unique solution to website support provides you the foundation to build off of, either on your own as you grow or together down the road. It unifies your brand and web presence without needing to commit to a larger website investment in one go.

If you're looking for a more robust multi-page website with this package, reach out via email or DM on Instagram to see what your potential options are!

In order to give you the highest quality and most refined branding outcomes, we intentionally do not rush the creative process. Your brand deserves dedicated time, energy, and space for things to take shape at an unforced rhythm.

Month one is dedicated to Discovery, month two to Development, and month three to Implementation. See the Transformation Process to get a full picture of what we cover during our three months working together! You won't need to do any heavy lifting :)

Your first payment of $1,875 is required to officially secure your start date and timeline, and then the remaining 3 payments pick up when we start Phase 1 of your project. Total investment is $7.5k.
If you'd like to request an extended payment plan with smaller payment installments, indicate that on your application and we can discuss your alternative options during the application follow-up! 

We are currently booking out months in advance into 2024. Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first serve basis, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you'd get to select and secure your preferred start date. Expect to book at least a few months in advance!

For projects booked several months out, we can touch base earlier leading up to your start date with your client dashboard and ways to begin preparing. That way you're not left in the dark during the time between booking and starting!

I partner with your business as a Brand Strategist and Creative Director with a holistic and comprehensive approach. Isolating design elements from the strategy process is simply not in my nature because I'll be thinking about the whole picture anyway.

If you're looking for a long-lasting, cohesive, and purposeful brand presence, it's impossible to keep things surface-level. If all you want is a logo design, I recommend finding a freelance graphic designer!

Even though a larger chunk of my clients are existing businesses ready to take their branding to the next level, I also work with new entrepreneurs!

I just highly recommend investing in branding after you already have work experience in the same industry. That way, you have a sense of clarity on how you best serve people, and can call on previous customer experiences to inform the brand you're building.

Gem Creative Co. primarily works with service-providers, coaches, educators, and personal brands with a "face behind the business." So In Your Element is crafted intentionally for personal brands and service-based businesses!

Product-based businesses are less common since selling physical products online often ends up requiring a larger scope of work. But there may be some exceptions, so feel free to ask about it via DMs or email just in case!

If you're still in the DIY stage of business, you're not alone! Custom branding is definitely an investment, so I'm working on more options to serve brands in bite-sized ways. Join the waitlist for the DIY branding group mentorship course, or ask about my 1:1 Brand Workshops!

When people can tell you're in your brand element, your energy is contagious.

Let's amplify the best aspects of your business with  innovative identity design that transcends trends.

Looking for bite-sized support instead?

If you're still in the DIY stage of your branding journey, you're not alone! I'm working on more options to serve brands at different levels of support.

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