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Gabrielle Westbrook Transformation

Gabrielle Westbrook is a Trauma Healing Practitioner. She guides women through radical emotional healing so they can live freely, safely, and fully as themselves — unleashed from the painful cycles caused by traumatic experiences. With certified expertise in RTT, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Enneagram, and exercise physiology, she provides a well-rounded and individualized approach to care.

Gabrielle felt unclear on how to present her offers in a unified manner.

the problem

As Gabrielle expanded her offers to help women at different levels, she noticed a disconnect in the way things were being presented visually and verbally. She decided to switch her main business name to a personal brand name. This felt more aligned with how she shows up for her community, but she needed new branding to represent this shift.

We revisited Gabrielle's personal backstory and rediscovered the core values backing her business vision. Words like autonomy, safety, hope, and freedom informed the new messaging, colors, imagery, and designs. The new brand captured a revitalizing energy that better represented the emotional experience people can have while working with Gabrielle.

We clarified the overarching vision for her business and translated it into branding.

the solution

After the brand was established, we created an additional branded piece to add to Gabrielle's digital product suite. The Take What You Need Journaling Guide is intended to provide women with prompts to choose something for themselves each day to make space for practicing mindfulness, centering, and inner safety.

The result

We revitalized a brand that lacked unity and clarity.

Gabrielle now has tools to build a cohesive brand presence and increased confidence in her business decision-making. Moving forward, she feels a sense of clarity and ease with how her brand conveys her vision and message to her healing community.

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"Creating the branding for my business has increased my confidence in how I express and showcase my business. The branding has helped me feel much more clear about decisions I didn't feel clear about before. It's given me guardrails that help ease my mind a lot. I've already referred a couple of people to her and will continue to!"

"The branding has increased my confidence in how I express and showcase my business."

Gabrielle Westbrook

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